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by blog on February 14, 2014

When you’re caught in the icy grip of the polar vortex, nothing sounds as good as a tropical vacation. In the sultry summer, the opposite is true, leaving you dreaming of an Alaskan cruise or a ski weekend. Vacations are appealing because they’re a break in your routine, and getting a break always feels great. Your travel clothes also help you step away from everyday life, so whether you’re taking off for a couple of weeks in the Bahamas or just planning a weekend retreat in some Yosemite vacation homes, find a travel wardrobe that makes you look and feel spectacular.

Make a Statement with Color

Tasteful neutrals are fine for the office, but when you’re on vacation, indulge in all the vivid colors you love. Warm colors like saffron, paprika and nutmeg spice up your cool-weather vacation clothing, so reach for solids and prints in deep, rich colors. For a trip to somewhere tropical, think of the bright, clear hues found in nature: aquamarine water, lush green foliage and fresh mango evoke a tropical holiday mood even as you pack for your vacation. Take a quick look around Pinterest for summer holiday fashions and see what makes you crave some fun in the sun. You’ll also find great examples of vacation-ready looks in the featured women’s clothing cruise collection at Fresh Produce Clothing.

Easy Living

Be a Beach Bum This WinterWhile fitted styles and unforgiving fabrics look elegant for the office, they’re the opposite of vacation-friendly dressing. Comfort should be high on the list of your go-to travel clothes, especially if you’re planning a long flight or road trip. Pick easy, wrinkle-free fabrics for travel, and you’ll get to your destination looking as fresh as you did when you got to the airport. You might go through plenty of temperature changes on the trip, so be flexible in your travel clothing choices. If you’re boarding a flight in Denver to take a Caribbean cruise sailing from New Orleans, you’re going to need a few layers you can easily add or remove.

Knits are your best friends for vacation because they move with you and refuse to wrinkle. T-shirts are especially travel-friendly when you roll them instead of folding them for packing. Any folds they develop shake out quickly, but if you try the military-inspired roll technique from this Lifehacker demonstration, you can fit a few weeks’ worth of shirts that show no visible signs of having been stowed away for the long haul. Skirts are also great for the burrito treatment, but give them a day or two to hang once you arrive at your destination to loosen any creases they may have developed.

Pair Jeans with (Almost) EverythingJeans work Anywhere

Jeans may be your usual weekend wear, but they also make terrific travel clothes when paired with the right accessories. You don’t really have to wear too much Del Mar jewelry. Classic denim got its start as a hard-working fabric, but jeans play hard too. If you plan on a morning horseback ride along the beach or a hike in the mountains, you need something tough enough to handle activity yet soft enough to feel comfortable for hours. Jeans are an effortless choice with a colorful T-shirt, but they also work with something dressier.

Accessorize Wisely

The right accessories give your travel wardrobe greater depth. Scarves are popular this year, and they make the ideal travel accessory. Draped around your neck, a scarf is a fashionable touch of color that adds interest to basic travel clothing. Shake one out and wrap it around your shoulders for another layer of warmth when you’re on your way to the airport. When you arrive and swap your street clothes for a swimsuit, your scarf does double duty as a sarong. The most versatile scarves are light enough to drape and wrap well, so skip the chunky knits in favor of summer-weight cotton and rayon.

Comfort Counts

If you’re used to weekends on the couch in sweats, you know the joys of ultimate comfort. Your favorite hoodie might not be travel ready, though, so swap your usual comfort wear for upscale versions of some of your easiest pieces. Instead of sweat pants, upgrade to stretchy broadcloth or cotton capri pants. A tunic top is just as easy going as a sweatshirt but has a stylish silhouette. Dresses in jersey or terry couldn’t be easier for vacation dressing, and they pack beautifully.

Look and feel great on your next trip by picking easy-care pieces that offer versatile wear. When each style in your suitcase are easy-to-pair, you have enough outfits for your whole stay and still have room for souvenirs.

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