Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have internet? 

The condos have Wi-Fi, the code is posted on the kitchen wall.  “Enchanted Forest” has dial up internet.  The disc & directions are on the kitchen counter, next to the phone.  “Cub’s Cabin” also has dial up internet, the disc & directions are on the desk, upstairs in the loft.

Will I get cell phone service?

Unfortunately, the only cell phone provider that has reception in Yosemite West is Verizon and Sprint.  Down in the Valley, all the providers work, except T-Mobile.

Where do I get my groceries?

If you are coming in from Fresno or off Highway 41, buy your groceries at Vons or Raley’s.  If you are coming in off Highway 120, stop in Oakdale at Raley’s or Save Mart.  If you are coming in off Highway 140, stop in Merced.

Where do I get gasoline in the park?

Try and gas up before you enter the park, although there is a Chevron station in Wawona (20minutes south of Yosemite West, off Highway 41) or in Crane Flat, off Highway 120.

Where should I stop for gasoline before entering the park? 

Stop in Oakdale off the 120, Oakhurst if you’re coming in off 41 or in El Portal if you’re coming in from the 140.

Do you have laundry?

If you’re staying in the condominium building, there is a laundry room (coin operated) in the “B” building upstairs.  Laundry soap is provided in the room.  If you are staying in “Enchanted Forest”, there is a washer and dryer (with soap) on both floors.

What if I see a bear?

You may not see a bear during your visit because bears naturally avoid people.  If you do see a bear however, don’t be afraid, just yell at it.  (It will walk away)  Do not leave food in your car or outside your property, you will have problems.  If you seriously think you need to contact a ranger, call (209)372-0322.

Do you have daily housekeeping?

Your unit is perfectly clean when you arrive, however there is no daily housekeeping service provided.

Do I need to bring my own firewood?

All the fireplaces are gas, with the exception of “Lower Enchanted Forest”.  The “Lower Enchanted Forest” living room has a wood burning fireplace and we provide the firewood.

 Do I need snow chains?

If you are visiting November through the spring, you should expect chain requirements (all depending on the weather).  Any time chain controls are in effect, all vehicles must have chains in possession, including four-wheel drive and rental vehicles.

Where do I purchase chains?

You can purchase chains or cables at most auto parts stores and gas stations, particularly in communities surrounding Yosemite National Park.  A limited selection of chains is available for purchase at the Village Garage in Yosemite Valley and the Wawona gas station.  Be sure to purchase chains or cables that match your tire size.

Do I need to bring my own sheets?

No, all your linens are provided for you.